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Our interview for brazilian blog about french bulldogs


Author: Elizabete Orth, Porto Alegre, Brazil

Q: In the last years few dogs have gotten so vertiginous ascension in Brazil as the French Bulldog. In 2000 only 168 puppies had been registered in the CBKC. In November of 2008  they add 1559, respectively passing of 53º for 15º position in the general ranking of registered puppies. What about in Croatia? How do you evaluate the popularity of the breed today?

A: For the last few years French bulldogs in Croatia have marked an extraordinary growth of popularity. Unfortunately, the most profit with that got the puppy mills so uninformed people buy dogs without pedigree. They think that they got the dog cheaper but at the end they leave a lot of money on the vet, or they lose the dog very fast, because these kind of dogs are held in very bad conditions, they suffer from genetic diseases, mostly heart disorders, they have trouble with skin, bones… There are a lot of them whom prefer money then health of the dogs.

Q: In your opinion, what is the biggest virtue of the breed?

A: These are the dogs of special spirit, their character is unique, they express their desire to be our friends more truthfully then of an any other breed. French Bulldogs also want to be our companions  in love, pain, happiness and even suffering…  Great French writer Maurice Maeterlinck inspired by his French Bulldog named Pelleas, in his work -Our friend the dog-  wrote: “We are alone, absolutely alone on this chance planet; and amid all the forms of life that surround us, not one, excepting the dog, has made an alliance with us”.

Q: What are the potential inconveniences?

A: Their health problems are their biggest inconveniences.

Q: What are the typical illnesses of the breed?
A: The most common are heart and breathing problems, problems with spine, hips and luxating patellas. There is also a problem with the eyes, so called- cherry eye.

Q: In Croatia, are there some type of health control to prevent these typical illnesses?

A: There is no proposed examination, but all responsible breeders make them, especially x-rays of the hips, examination for eventually luxating patella and heart test.
Q: What kind of evaluation do you use on the breeding in Croatia?
A: Basic condition for a dog to be used in breeding is to pass an breeding review by rules prescribed by Croatian Kennel Club. Evaluation of breeding values is taking place by outward appearances, evaluation forms, ancestors, descendants, awards, character and fitness of dogs. For every mating breeder must consult with the head of breeding in the Club of Toy Dogs, which we are the member of.
Q: What is the biggest problem of the breed in Croatia and the world?
A: There are only a few responsible breeders that watch on bloodlines and genetic diseases in Croatia. It is hard to find quality stud dogs witch are going to, in combination with great females, give sound and healthy descendants. But, again, biggest probglem of the breed are so-called “breeders” which offered puppies as a bargain as this could mean that both the puppy and the parents aren’t registered by the kennel club, they haven’t the proper documentation or the health and care of the puppy and its parents weren’t the best. 
Q: The club of the breed or the maximum entity of the Croatia canine, establishes rules for the mating?
A: Yes, there are rules of breeding witch are very precise defined, but also in a lot of things restrictive for the breeders. Although the rules are strict, there are many people who violate them.
Q: In your opinion what do you must preserve and what do you must prevent in the mating of French Bulldog?
A: In breeding, we must use only dogs closest to standard, absolutely healthy dogs. Every deviation of standard should not be tolerated. Important thing is also very good research and studying of the bloodlines. For our dogs, and some of their ancestors we can follow their bloodlines even 90 years in the past. 
Q: What you should say for somebody who purchase a French Bulldog?
A: The most important thing is to warn future owners on importance of proper and quality feeding of the dog. That is extremely important, and inexperienced owners of French bulldogs mostly make mistakes on that, of course they should be informed on sensibility of this breed on heat, but most of potentially buyers already know that.


If dogs would decide – Croatia is already in the EU
By Natasa Radic in Zagreb- /22/01/2012
It is a peaceful breezing Saturday morning, a day before the Croatian voters will decide if they want to join the EU or not.
On a countryside area, just outside Zagreb, lazy late sleepers are being awake because the silence of the winter morning of Pusca village, 20 kilometers from the Croatian capital, is being abruptly interfered by dogs barking. The sharp voices of grown up French Bulldogs has been mixed with sweet voices of their puppies.
Still, if Croatians are not full EU members yet – by summer 2013, their dogs certainly are. 
At least, this is exactly what the owners of the breeding kennel of French Bulldogs Totegnac in Zapresic area near Zagreb have experienced as they are preparing their bulldog puppy for a trip to the United Kingdom. 
Their female puppy, now only 2 months old, will travel to London in late February and the dog will not have to undergo the non-EU regulations but the EU ones. So the puppy will quite easily join its UK based new owners who are looking forward to get their aristocratic pet. 
From January 1st 2012 the same rules apply to dogs in Croatia, just like the country is an EU member. And Dutchesse Totegnac, a young and playful puppy, has been the first one that has full EU rights.
Alen Galovic, whose family runs Totegnac kennel, says, while playing with the soon to be a UK resident puppy:
"Our dog will not have to do blood tests to prove that it is resistant to rabbies, nor - as is sometimes the case-will have to stay six months in quarantine. All dogs from the EU can be exported on a more liberal regime starting from this year and Croatia is one of the countries that has the same rules and procedure as full EU memebrs”; says Galovic.
Totegnac Kennel, founded in 2007, though Galovic family has had French bulldogs as pets for more than 13 years, now has the 4th generation of puppies and 5 Croatian champions in this breed. 
The puppies have so far travelled to their new homes in North America, Italy, Germany, Qatar... They are very playful dogs, ideal for living indoors, they are extremly good with children and are being considere as very prestigious dogs. 
“Croatian dogs have been a part of the EU for quite a long time now and we are very proud of that fact. Also, our breeders cooperte together and they are at every dog exhibition in Europe and we host the events in Croatia, too”, says the President of Toy Dogs Club Zagreb Branka Kusur Prezigalo.
“French bulldogs are today almost as popular as they were 100 years ago when they were living at royal courts, when they were portraied by Toulouse–Lautrec and when they were onboard Titanic. This popularity is difficult to explain, as well as it is diffucult to understand the times when they were completly forgotten as a breed. I think that probably nowdays people recognize this unique spirit they have and different emotions that are clearly expressed on their faces”, says the owner of Totegnac Kennel.
Croatia is fortunate that its dog breeders, mostly due to the activities of the Croatian Kennel Club, has long been recognized as a full-fledged part of the European family, all kennels have had to register in Brussels, where the headquarters of the World canine organizations (Fédération Internationale Cynologique) are, which works closely with the oldest and most respected world Kennel Association, the British Kennel Club, founded in 1873.
For our dogs, the EU referendum is not too important, adds Galovic, saying that all the dogs registered in Croatia have veterinary passport of the European Union! So we can say that our French Bulldogs are certainly not the Eurosceptics? After all, they can not be because they have the pedigree of ancestors from Denmark, Belgium, Holland, and even Great Britain. 
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We are a small french bulldog family kennel based in 25 kilometers west of Zagreb, Croatia. Our kennel is officially registered with the F.C.I. (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) and the Croatian Kennel Club (HKS) under the name Totegnac and register number 73/07. 

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